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In service of the heart.

Ancestral Heart is and Mariaa and KamiSunduri, walking this earth in service, acting as bridges connecting the traditions and ancestors from different cultures and between the physical and the spiritual worlds.  

In support of the awakening of the new humanity. Thru our work we want to inspire people to connect with their ancestors and find in their heart and spirit the connections to their ancestral roots that has been forgotten in the modern world. We invite you to join the journey to open up a deeper connection to Mother Earth, Great Spirit and our inner universe. 



Shamanic practitioner and medicine woman working with energy and intuitive tools, sharing ancient wisdom learnt through many years of living with the indigenous people of Colombia. Mariaa is an experienced space holder guided by her heart-based wisdom of the plant kingdom and the angelic realms. Sharing the healing arts of the sacred plant medicines. Guiding the work with a deep love for nature and empowering of the feminine. Mariaas main focus if offering private healing sessions.. Read more in the "sacred woman" section. Based in Skåne. 

Kami Sunduri Namay

Traditional healer with roots in the Panche tradition in Colombia, one of the recognized traditional healers of their community, a carrier of Yage and Rapé. He carries out his work with a deep focus and dedication. Kami has been undergoing profound shamanic training sins 2007, learning with elders from different traditions, he has received a lot of guidance from a now transcended Panche grandmother, and you can feel the feminine presence and guidance throughout his work. Kami offers the traditional ceremonies as well as private healing sessions & house cleanses. 

Based in Västerås.

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