We meet in an intimate and intuitive healing session for growth & transformation.

To support you in the clearing and transformation of emotional, physical or spiritual imbalance and blockage. 

The healing that is transmitted thru the session comes from divine source, from your ancestors and spirit guides that are waiting for an opportunity were you open up to receive their help. 

This is the base of the healing, on the other pages you can read more about the different treatments, the session can be combined for example a Womb Healing with a Rapé session and Sound Healing. 

These are some of the treatments we offer. Different treatments can be combined in one session. 

  • Womb healing.

  • Emotional release massage. 

  • Vaginal vaporizations. (Yoni Steam)

  • Rapé sessions.

  • Sound healing.

  • Digestive cleanse.

  • Plant baths for cleansing & different purposes depending on the situation.

  • Plant "acupuncture".

  • Tobacco and gemstone cleanse to balance the chakras, clear negative energy and for protection.

  • All night meditations.

  • Postpartum care.