Shamanic Healing & GUIDANCE

We meet in an intimate and intuitive healing session for growth & transformation.

To support you in the clearing and transformation of emotional, physical or spiritual imbalance. 

We use different tools such as plants, sacred chants and music, counseling, crystals, feathers and other tools from the shamanic teachings.  

The sessions are different depending on your situation and necessity, were you are in this present moment, were you come from and were you intent to go.

You will receive guidance and tools to evolve on your spiritual life path. Develop a deeper contact with your true self, your ancestors and your spirit guides. 

  • Auric and energetic deep cleanse.

  • Tobacco and gemstone cleanse to balance the chakras, clear negative energy and for protection .

  • Plant "acupuncture".

  • Womb healing. (only with Maria)

  • Vaginal vaporisations. (only with Maria)

  • Rapé sessions.

  • Sound healing.

  • Emotional release massage. 

  • Digestive cleanse.

  • General healing session with massage or chiropraxy

  • Plant baths for cleansing with sweet and bitter plants.

  • Plant bath for love and relationships.

  • Plant bath for material wealth and abundance. 

  • Ritualistic fire ceremony and gifting ritual.

  • All night meditations. 

The sessions are carried out by Wilson and Maria together or individually. 

We offer sessions in Skåne.

Before you book a session please book a 20 minute free consultation phone-call.