Panche community - a family of many cultures united.

The word Panche means noble people, this village was born in the center of Colombia in a department known today as Cundinamarca.   


One origin story speaks of two creators: mother Ushuami or Tukuima and father Tukui or Diyaru, these two created the first pair of panche humans who were called Yanisan (the woman) and Yarucan (the man), they populated their territory and with time grew into different clans. Along with the arts they were also given the magic-spiritual knowledge of the sacred plants and the connection with the spiritual world through rituals and ceremonies. Many of these rituals was forgotten for a long time but have for the past 15 years been recovering and are being practiced once again.

It is said that the territory was a mandatory

bypass for indigenous communities in the south

and north in their trips to make exchanges of

medicines, foods, fabrics, ceramics and other

implements, as it is located in the center the

Panche people became knowledgeable in many


Some of the medicines that were passed on to

their people were mambe, ambil, poporo,

ambira, yopo, ayahuasca,

it is even said that medicines arrived

from further away, such as the peyote,

temazcal and san pedro. 

The native sacred plant medicines

of the terretory is tobacco,

coca leaves, mushrooms and tongo. 

About 20 years ago, the Panche community began to rise again with the support of several elders from different indigenous communities. The ancient language, the customs and the handling of their different medicines have been recovered. Today we have spiritual guides in the community and guardians of different medicines such as yopo, tobacco, ayahuasca, rapé, poporo, ambira, and coca. 
The community has about 60 members and more than half live in the territory where we work and plant the land and do spiritual work all in community, we also have several sacred temple stones, waterfalls, lagoons, rivers, caves and mountains where we perform ceremonies to sustain the harmony and the connection with our ancestors, our main temples have stones carved with our language, symbolism and writing.

Every week different activities and ceremonies are carried out in communion, such as diets, ceremonies with ayahuasca, tobacco, rapé, mambe, yopo, temazcal, word, sharing and singing circles, etc.

The community is internationally recognized each year. People from different continents visit us, we participate in different international congresses of indigenous peoples and part of the history of origin speaks of a prophecy where it says that the Panche people will rise and beings from all over the world will be a part of weaving this fabric of love and to remember their ancestors, some will be part of this community and others will support in different ways, we will be part of the new rainbow race where people from all over the world will come to heal and reconnect again with their spirit.

The community have the honor to be guided by Mamo Lorenzo Izquierdo and Felizia Villafaña, both from the Arhuaco people of the Sierra Nevada in north Colombia. They have had a great part of the political and spiritual organisation of the Panche community. They travel all over the world sharing their wisdom but he and his family lives in Sasaima and hold an active role in the growth of the community.

Each year hey host two 9-days spiritual retreat were we do active praying work for the healing and growth of humanity. They are the caretakers of two big "thinking houses" were gatherings of elders of many different tribes are conducted.