Let the plants wash your soul.

An ancient practice used by indigenous cultures all around the world. This is such a lovely practice that I love sharing. Herbs, flowers and tree bark are collected in a respectful and ritualistic manner with a deep honoring of the plant kingdom. The plants are ritualized and mixed together into different blends for different purposes. Sometimes different salts are added. 

The plant baths (or showers, if you don't have access to a bathtub) can assist you in many different processes of life.

For me the most important use of the plant baths are:

  • To give strength in times of sorrow. 

  • Centering our energy.

  • Putting up healthy limits between me/others (Protection).

  • Giving sweetness to your heart. 

  • Cleanse negative energy of others.

  • Assist in healing.

  • For Manifestation

The bathes really have many uses, it depends on your intention and prayer and th plants that you decide to work with.

These are some of the more physical benefits: 


  • They highly reduces stress and anxiety by relaxing the nervous system.

  •  Helps release muscular pain.

  • Promotes better sleep.

  • Detoxifying.

  • Giving strength to the body and immune system.

  • Assisting in postpartum recovery.  

I offer these baths as an assisted treatment together with other sessions were you will also receive a cleansing with copal and feathers, your home may also be cleansed during the session.

Or you may simply buy the herb blend that you feel called to and get the instructions on how to prepare the bath in a ceremonial manner. 

The plants I use are collected in the wild or grown organically in my garden. 

The different blends will soon be available in the shop including Paolo santo incense stick for cleansing during the bath.