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Creating space within.

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

The womb space, the seat of the female energy. I want to share my feelings on the feminine ritual we call Womb Steam. A procedurer were you sit down and relax over a pot of steaming hot water with sacred plants. This ancient ritual is said to cleanse the vagina and uterus and ease cramps. Personally I always do this after my Moon time, I find it a perfect way to end the cleansing process that occurs during our moon time.

Physically we cleanse, and most importantly we cleanse and recharge spiritually.

During the female moon time we are like sponges adsorbing everything around us and doing deep cleansing work for all humanity. That's why it's so important we take care of ourselves.

When you do the womb-steam you have a perfect opportunity to create sacred space and let go. You may also use it to set intentions. Use whatever objects you resonate with, maybe you like to create an altar with crystals, flowers and incense. Take a moment in solitude and if you do this at the end of your moon cycle you may add a prayer to close up this cleansing process. Set intention, pray and ask of spirit what your heart longs for.

Feel yourself as you make yourself comfortable over the herbal infused steam, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Connect with your energetic source, connect with mother earth and with all the magic you carry within.

The womb-steam is also said to help with other states like depression, infections, infertility, hormone imbalances, headaches and digestive issues.

You may use different plants for this. some of the plants I like using are marigold, lavender, mugwort, rosemary, yarrow, wormwood, lady's mantle and rose petals.

How to prepare the herbs and make a steam:

  1. In a pot that you preferably use for only this purpose you boil about 1 liter of water.

  2. When the water boils you can turn of the heat and put in your plants, let it steep for 2-5 minutes covered with a lid.

  3. Before squatting down over the plants give thanks to the plants, ask for permission and set your intention.

  4. Either you use the same pot and squat over or put a yoni steam chair over (a chair with a hole in it.) You should not wear underwear. Cover the rest of your body, you can wear a big skirt or dress that covers the leg area or use a blanket around, the idea is that the steam from the plants be closed in to better be absorbed by your skin. You may also use a potty for example that is quite comfortable to sit on if you get a bigger kind, then you would pour the plants-water from the pot into the potty.

  • Make sure the water is not too hot so that you burn on the steam. It should be as hot as you can support without hurting yourself.

Good luck.. and welcome to purchase our wild and organic herbal steam blends.

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