rapé ceremony & Private session

In this ceremonial gathering we open up a portal of healing and transformation, cleansing and development.

An invitation to open up and reconnect to your inner world. The sacred Rapé helps us to clear many blockages, both on a physical, mental and spiritual level. 

With the help of the spirit world we open up a portal that helps us transform and manifest.

We participate with humility and an open heart to best understand this ancient sacred ritual. 
We use this opportunity to release what no longer benefits us and to take responsibility for our lives and well-being.

By connecting with ourselves, with our hearts, with mother earth and our ancestors we come closer to our inner power and magic and understand how we can live more in harmony and living our life purpose. Opening up to receive the message.

We hope that this encounter brings you closer to your truth, your healing, and your inner healer.

No ceremony looks the same, it's created in the moment, intuitively, together with the participants and the spirit world.

During the ceremony each participant will receive a harmonization and energy balancing.

Rapé is made of tobacco and medicinal plants from the Amazon.

It is used for spiritual development and in purification processes.

Each person can experience different effects depending on their situation.

Tobacco is a sacred plant used for centuries to make offerings

and conduct prayers in cultures all over the world. 


This sacred mixture should be worked with a lot of care and respect. 

 Rapé is said to help us:

  • Balance the two hemispheres.

  • Open to subtle energies.

  • Open up and clear micro-chakras in the head.

  • Bring clarity to our thoughts and minds.

  • See things that they really are.

  • Focus and strengthen the mind.

  • Get in touch with our true self, the divine and spirit world.

  • With headache, sinusitis, runny nose, flu.

  • Heal and harmonize emotionally, physically and spiritually.

  • With the right guidance it is used to treat addictions.