shamanic healing RETREAT

All day deep cleansing ceremony.


In this ceremonial gathering we open up a portal of healing and transformation, cleansing and development. We release any physical, mental or spiritual blockages we experience. With the help of the spirit world we open up this portal that helps us transform and manifest.

It is important to participate with humility and an open heart to best benefit from this ancient sacred ritual.
We get an opportunity to release what no longer benefits us and take responsibility for our lives and well-being. We work to find our inner power and magic and understand how we can help our fellow human beings.

We do this by connecting with our true selves, with our hearts, with mother earth and our ancestors.

With the help of the various elements of the ceremony we hope to bring you closer to your truth, your healing, and your inner healer. Although the ritual has quite a strict structure no ceremony looks the same, it is created in the moment together with the participants and the spirit world. 

During the ceremony each participant will receive healing, harmonization and energy balancing. 


This retreat can be booked on request with groups of 5-10 participants. 

The retreat can include different types of ritual and healings.. Send us an email and we will talk about the needs of your group.