8 days of traditional living and deep medicine with the Cofan tribe in the jungle & 7 days in the Panche mountains. 

January 2023

Dates will be updated soon. 

Awaken and integrate your spiritual essence.
Sharing ancestral wisdoms, heal our past and learn to live in harmony as a child of mother earth.


The information here is about the time in Sasaima, the sacred mountains of the Panche people. Below follows information about the stay in the jungle. It is possible to join just one of the journeys but we really do recommend joining the whole travel for a deeper integration of the wisdom. 

This is an amazing opportunity to immerse in the ancient wisdom of the sacred plants and traditions, in the lands of the Panche people.

A gathering for anyone seeking to get in touch with their own healing power and to grow as a human being. 

At this time of existence our mother earth is also in great need of our assistance, this is often a theme in our medicine talks and ceremonies. This retreat will help you center, reconnect with your soul, the nature and great spirit. 

We will work with the sacred plant medicines and with elders from different traditions to be able to integrate the teachings in a better way. 

It is good to have a clear intention for a journey like this, you will be guided throughout the different rituals according to your intention and receive counseling and tools for your further growth.

Also it will be beneficial for anyone suffering from any kind of imbalance, physical or mental. 


Most of the works will be carried out in our Maloka (healing house) Cusmi Sami Kuri. It is a round structure with open walls, a comfortable space with mattresses for everyone.

Location: The nearest village is called Sasaima, located only 2 hours bus ride from Bogota. Pickup in Bogota in included.

Staying with the Cofan people in the jungle at the border between Colombia and Ecuador. This journey can not really be planned. there will be 3 ceremonies with master plants. And a visit to a waterfall if the climate allows for it. The place is comfortable, very hot, surrounded by big rivers to cool down in. You can accompany the family to go fishing and just be open to take part in the daily life in the jungle. 

The closest airport and the meeting point in Puerto Asis in Putumayo Colombia, from there we will travel for about 6 hours by car and canoa to reach the place. 

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Down Payment is possible. 

Earlybird price available until 1/10 2022

  • All night traditional rituals with masterplants.

  • Offerings to the land.

  • Plant bath cleanses.

  • Rapé ceremony.

  • Cacao ceremony.

  • Hikes to sacred Panche sites.

  • Spiritual cleanse with the Arhuaco people of Sierra Nevada, Santa Marta.

  • Intestinal & digestive cleanse.

  • Sound Healing.

  • Mambe and ambil circle.

  • Talking circles & counseling. 

  • Shamanic healing and harmonization.

  • Therapeutic massages.

  • Emotional release therapy.

  • Womb Healing.

  • Vegetarian meals & traditional food.