Founders of Ancestral Heart and Cusmi Curi Sami.

Wilson - Kami Sunduri

Traditional healer with roots in the Panche tradition in Colombia, he is one of the recognized traditional healers of their community, a carrier of Yage and Rapé. He carries out his work with a deep focus and dedication. Wilson has been undergoing profound shamanic training sins 2007, learning with elders from different traditions, mainly he is an apprentice of a Taita from the Siona-Kofan tradition and has also received guidance from a now transcended Panche grandmother, you can really feel the feminine presence and guidance throughout his work. Wilson offers the traditional ceremonies as well as private cleansing sessions. 

Maria - Samy Weisha

Medicine woman from Sweden, also a heart member of the Panche community. Working with healing sessions for woman using both energy based tools and the wisdom from the shamanic ways of life learnt from many years of living with the indigenous in Colombia. 

Sharing the healing arts of the sacred plant medicines. Guiding the works with a deep love for nature and empowering of the feminine.