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The emotional release therapy is an intuitive healing given by Maria, it's a combination of energy work and deep massage and the use of other shamanic tools. Working on releasing tensions in the abdomen area where we store so many old emotions and traumas.

The abdomen is the center of the Solar Plexus chakra that is connected to our ego, and aggression. In the abdomen we also carry the inner waters and our emotions are stored there. Detoxify the inner organs and allow you to release stress and feel more peaceful. 

Releasing the blockages allows the energy to start flowing freely and nourish ourselves from the inside, realigning the chakras and energy centers.

This treatment is a part of the womb healing/activation. 

Shamanic Womb Activation
The womb and ovarian area is also covered in the above session, to open up a deeper connection with the sacred feminine and healing of past relationships, abortions, hormonal imbalances and more, opening up to release old traumas and stagnated memories in the uterus, clearing our cellular memory and realigning our chakras.

You can receive this healing even is you don't have a physical uterus or ovaries, the energy center of the womb is still there. 

This session is recommended after giving birth, having a miscarriage or abortion. Please read the Postpartum section for more information. 


Each session is unique and individual, other areas of the body may be covered. Many times me carry tensions and stored emotions in other areas that we also will work with. 

Nourishing your sacred altar..

Yoni steam-bath. 

A sacred ritual for the female organs and wellbeing. 

This ancient technique is said to cleanse the vagina and uterus, regulate menstruation, and ease period cramps. The vapor of the plants are absorbed by the vaginal mucus membranes. 

The blends I use for this purpose are made of wild flowers and herbs collected and prepared in a sacred manner, with gratitude and respect for the plant kingdom. 

It has several physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual benefits. Most importantly I find that the yoni steam allows us a moment to reconnect with ourselves and and our uterus and vagina, give our feminine part some nourishment and care so that we open up to a deeper connection to our womb space. 

The Yoni steam is offered in private sessions & in groups.

These are some other reported benefits: 

  • Firm the walls of the vagina and the skin.

  • Healing Perineal Tissues

  • Increase libido.

  • Improve the quality of sleep.

  • Reduce menstrual pain.

  • Regulate irregular cycles.

  • Reduce the size of ovarian cysts.

  • Heal chronic urinary infections.

  • Decrease pelvic pain, reducing uterine cramps and muscle aches.

  • Relieve constipation and other inflammations of the intestine.

  • After an abortion, miscarriage or childbirth, it would accelerate the recovery time and the muscle tone of the reproductive system.

  • Reduce vaginal dryness.


  • Regulate vaginal discharge.


  • Detoxify the uterus and remove toxins from the body.


  • Help the recovery of vaginal tissue in case of tear at birth, episiotomy or with the recovery of the cesarean section scar.


  • Facilitate the recovery and prevention of hemorrhoids.

  • Reduce the symptoms of menopause.

In the blog you can find a description on how to prepare your own yoni steam. 

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Yoni oil & Yoni Gelly

A deeply nourishing oil blend with high quality organic seed oils and essential oils to care for our most intimate parts.

The oil is also infused with rose quartz with it's beautiful qualities of forgiveness and unconditional love.

The Gelly contains the same ingredients + Aloe Vera that gives it the gelly texture.  

This oil blend nourishes the skin and prevents itching, irritation and ingrown hairs. 

I love using the oil especially efter a yoni steam or just efter a bath or shower. 

You will feel intuitively what is best for you, I suggest massaging some drops onto the vaginal and pubic area, take a moment too feel into yourself.

If you feel like making a little self healing ritual lay down and close your eyes and gently massage the area with the oil, sending so much love and forgiveness to yourself. Allowing yourself to connect to your vagina on a deeper level, just be present and feel. 

Both oil, gelly & herbs for steam are available in the shop. 

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