Healing circles

We offer all night meditations and inner healing work according to the traditions of the Amazonian rain-forest. 

During the ritual you are guided by traditional chants and musical therapy with flutes, drum, crystal singing bowls and more. 

The ceremony includes a profound personal cleansing and healing session.

A process for anyone ready to transform, understand and heal on a deep soul level. It allows us to get in touch with the hidden parts of ourselves and the universe and encounter healing and wisdom on many levels.


We go thru cleansing and healing our past, and start connecting to our spiritual and ritualistic tools, find our life purpose, remember and reconnect to our ancestors.

All in the service of the new awakening of mankind.

Partichipants are welcome to bring instruments and share songs during the meditation as we create the space together.

The gatherings we host are always lead by highly dedicated shamans with many years of experience.